Sunday Yarn Scraps

Hi everyone!


Work in Progress – single crochet striped blanket

Remember my blanket that I showed you guys last week? Well I added on two more stripes, one in blue and the other in coral yarn. Whoohoo! I’m putting all of my scrap yarn into it so hopefully I won’t have to go buy yarn for a little bit… but don’t tempt me. Meanwhile, onto the next stripe – orange!

It’s all fun and games until I knit/crochet too much and hurt my wrist. Ugh. For the past month or so I’ve been wearing a wrist brace on and off to relieve some pain for my wrist. Remember stitchers to stretch and take breaks. Don’t go to the point where your thumb starts to hurt and you decide “eh, just a few more rows” (where a few more rows turns into 80 more rows and then eventually, you finish that purse you’ve been working on 2 hours later) Don’t be like me! Still haven’t gone to the doctor about my wrist problems either. I’m kind of putting it off because, well, who likes going to the doctor anyway?

So instead of knitting or crocheting today and drinking tea, I was doing laundry, finishing up some homework, and sleeping. I recently discovered this new app for cat lovers by the way. It’s called Neko Atsume – a super cute app for smart phones where stray cats come into your virtual yard and play with the toys and eat the food you put out. It’s freaking adorable! I love cats. Speaking of cats, does my beautiful cat Riley not look so cute when she wakes up?


Good morning, Riley!

Now that Grandma is done knitting those fabulous flower patterns that you guys checked out, she’s back to work on a pretty purple sweater for our friend, Mariah. She’s working on the last sleeve and then she’ll sew it all together. We’ll take pictures and post them here for you all to see too. =)


That’s it for now! I’ll be writing a very easy knitted hat pattern up as well this week so keep your eyes open for that later in the week. If you want an idea of the hat pattern I’ll be putting up, here’s a picture of me wearing my finished product.


Easy knitted hat

That’s everything for today! Have a great week everyone!

– Kitty



One comment

  1. grandmakitty · March 9, 2016

    Hey all you knitters and stitchers! Sorry I haven’t been able to get my really easy hat pattern up here yet! Coming soon though! I’m working on it throughout this week


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