Spring Breaking It

Hey all you stitchers out there! I’m sorry I haven’t yet posted my hat pattern yet. But don’t worry, it will come. I just have to finish writing it up and then send it to Grandma to put on Ravelry.

I also apologize for my lack of posting. Spring Break is here and you would think that would mean I would be posting more… but with my car troubles and upcoming interviews for internships and sleeping, I admit I have been lazy and neglectful of the blog.

Grandma’s Birthday was Sunday! Whoohoo! You old lady, we love you though! Happy Birthday to the best Grandma ever! I baked her chocolate rasberry cupcakes that were super delicious! For all of you who enjoy a nice treat and occasionally like to bake, I totally recommend this recipe. Even if you just make the chocolate cake part. And hint! Substitute the hot water with boiling coffee (black) – it’ll bring out the richness in the chocolate and cocoa. Super yummy.

I hope the rest of you are doing good and I will keep you posted on my work in progresses between my blanket, my hat pattern, and ooh I hope to pick up my loom project that I have neglected since January. So many projects. So little time. Never enough yarn, yet I have a stash of it in my closet. cropped-20160211_1356461.jpg


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