Chocolate, Pretzels, Jameson, and Knitting

Hello everyone!

Spring break has finally come to a conclusion =( I’m back on campus now about ready to take a cat nap after a 4 hour drive and before a delicious dinner our friend Murray is cooking tonight, but I wanted to post this first.

For all of my friends, I bake them birthday cupcakes. It’s easy and they get to choose which cupcake flavor they would like. So for Grandma’s birthday last week, I baked her those yummy chocolate raspberry cupcakes I told you about in Spring Breaking It. And I happen to know quite a few Pieces so the baking continues! My friend Casper’s birthday was on the 10th and my other friend Mariah’s birthday is coming up on St. Patrick’s Day.

For Casper’s birthday I baked these delicious choclate covered pretzel cupcakes. This cupcake includes a pretzel crust (which is to die for – seriously, as I was scooping it into the cupcake pan, I was eating the pre-baked crust) a chocolate cupcake (of course) and a chocolate ganache. Surprisingly, not overdone with chocolate which makes this cupcake recipe fabulous! I didn’t have enough melting chocolate to dip the pretzels in with afterwards to top, but I still put a pretzel twist on top.


Chocolate Covered Pretzel Cupcake

For Mariah’s birthday, I baked a dozen of chocolate whiskey cupcakes. I neglected the caramel drizzle and the Guinness beer part of this recipe, on a count of I didn’t have either. But I did make sure I added an extra tablespoon of Jameson Irish Whiskey to the whiskey frosting (which came out amazing!). I am a little sorry that I jipped the chocolate cake on the Guiness beer – it didn’t taste right without it. I shouldn’t have been so lazy and just ran to the liquor store. But I think I made up for it by putting a surprise in one of the cupcakes for her 21st. Can you tell which one?


Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes

I promise, when Grandma and I open up our store, we’ll make cupcakes for our customers as well. I hope I’m not making you too hungry!

Back to knitting: I finished knitting the hat at my brother’s high school lacrosse game. (I know, I’m a dork – but hey, lacrosse just isn’t my favorite sport to watch) I will have the pattern typed up and put up here in no time! (And by that, I really do hopefully mean tonight) But just for a preview of how the hat came out if you are interested in this very easy hat pattern (it’s just knit two, perl two)…


Slouch hat

That’s all I have for you guys right now! Happy Sunday!

– Kitty



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