Simple as Pi Slouch Hat Pattern

As promised, I have finished my hat pattern! I knitted this hat on straight needles so for those of you who have not yet mastered those circular needles quite yet, or just want a simple straight needle hat pattern that still looks nice, here you go! Completely free of charge and Grandma will be posting it on Ravelry soon with a full picture tutorial.

Simple as Pi Slouch Hat
By Kitty Cleland

Slouch Hat 1
o Medium weight yarn (in picture, used Red Heart Accent Yarn)
o Size 9 US needles
o Yarn needle
o Scissors


CO 43
Row 1 (RS): knit
Row 2 (WS): knit
Row 3 (RS): purl
Row 4 (WS): purl
Continue this pattern of knit two rows, purl two rows until the length measures about 18 inches.
Sew the two shorter ends of the rectangle together (the side where you casted on and casted off) and then cinch the top to create the top of the hat

Pattern also available in PDF form here: Simple as Pi Slouch Hat and available on Ravelry.

– Kitty


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