FLoF Classes

Cannot wait to take my knitting club to this festival and try out some of these classes!!! I’m especially looking forward to the crochet with beads. =D It should be a fun time tomorrow

Centre Knitters Guild

Hello again!

You may have seen that one of the offerings at the For the LOVE of Fiber festival is free knitting mini-classes. These classes are approximately 1 hour long, and no registration is required! Here are some details:

Advanced Grafting with Cathy Riemer: This mini-class beginning at 11AM will take you beyond Kitchener Stitch (a method used to graft live stitches together). If you’ve got something more complex than two pieces of stockinette, it can be confusing to graft them invisibly. Let Cathy help you! Prerequisite skills should include kitchener stitch and working from charts. To participate in the Advanced Grafting class, you should bring:

  • Two identical swatches, still on the needles, about 15-20 stitches wide. Make them in the Ribbed Eyelet stitch pattern from this article or another stitch pattern of your choice such as garter or ribbing. Use yarn that is easy to see.
  • The pattern…

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