How to Finger Knit a Necklace

Hello Everyone!

I just finished making my first finger-knitted project and created this pattern to show you all what I did complete with a picture tutorial on Ravlery! For a preview…

And without further ado… here’s the pattern!

Beginner Finger-Knit Necklace
By Kitty Cleland
o Bulky yarn
(for this project, I used Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn from Michaels Arts and Craft)
o Yarn needle
o Scissors
o My fingers!

Finger knit a chain measuring approximately 38 inches in length (or longer if desired length is longer than the necklace shown at the top of this pattern).
Cast off fingers and take the chain and fold in half
Next, twist the chain like shown below and sew together to hold twisted shape, leaving a small opening on the side that has the loop.
Knot the opposite end that doesn’t have the opening and voilà! The necklace is finished!

To see how to finger knit, check out the following link PDF.

Beginner Finger Knit Necklace


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