Works in Progress

Hello everyone!

It’s been crazy busy here! Between going to class, taking exams and quizzes, doing homework, tutoring, attending meetings, etc. I barely have time to knit or crochet! Ugh it makes me sad but have no fear! My blanket is still a work in progress.


WIP Single Crochet Blanket

As you can see, I have added some more colors and stripes so whoo for progress! Hopefully this weekend I will have more time to work on this blanket as well as get back to some knitting.

Grandma is currently working on a hat, which seems a little small. I would put a picture of it here but Grandma would need to send me a picture and since her phone is broken right now… looks like we’re out of luck.

On that note though, we have learned how to spin thanks to The Centre Knitters Guild for teaching us at their For the Love of Fiber festival this past month. It was a wonderful time and we really enjoyed it. Also thank you to our friend Gabbi’s dad for making me a drop spindle! I really appreciate it and a thank you card will be coming shortly. =)

At the festival, I bought some beautiful merino fiber from the vendor Shirsty Cat Designs and am now spinning it! Below is a picture of Grandma spinning some of the fiber last night


Grandma spinning fiber into yarn

Yeah we don’t really know what we’re doing but we’re trying and I’m sure YouTube will help. Here are some more pictures of what I have done so far…

Apologize for slacking on the blog posts but that is up what we are up to lately! (besides living the college life)
– Kitty


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