Knitters Log, 4-7-2016

Awesome needles and some beautiful looking yarn. And oh my goodness! Cashmere did they say!?!

What we shall cover in today’s blog? Well…

  • Knitter’s Pride
  • Copper Corgi
  • Phydeaux Design and Fibers
  • Peepaloo Fields

First and foremost, Happy Thursday!

Our Knitter’s Pride Dreamz needle and hooks came in on Monday.  They are posted on the website, and ready to go.  There is a limited quantity on each needle, but if you need more than what we have posted, we have a quick turnaround with our vendor.  We will have them to you in no time!  Look at this magnificent display of bamboo goodness!


The Copper Corgi order of SW Merino, Alpaca, and Silk blend has arrived, photographed, and listed on the website.  It is a worsted weight yarn that is pleasant to the touch and appealing to the eye.  Here are a couple samples of the 7 colors we have in stock. Supplies will be going fast.  Our dyer at Copper Corgi will not be taking orders…

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