Raging Stitches

Hello everyone!

Well Grandma and I were having an off day in terms of knitting and spinning. Our usual patient selves were fighting the fiber, dropping stitches, breaking the fiber, and frogging everything.

Our school had Accepted Students day here today and since Grandma and I are president and vice president of the knitting and crocheting club, we set up our table with our PowerPoint, finished projects, a sign with pictures, and candy (of course). Then after we set ourselves up, we sat back and attempted to spin while waiting for accepted students to walk by and ask more about our club, which just so happens to be named Raging Stitches.

And oh raging we were today.

I recently learned How to Spin Yarn and took out my beautiful Merino fiber and homemade drop spindle and went to work. However, I managed (as a newbie) to pull the fiber a little too much and break the fiber mid-spin, allowing the drop spindle to fall to the ground. I struggled to get the fiber to connect and would un-spin and then re-spin the fiber over and over until it was my desired thickness. (There is probably a word for that but I’m just blanking on it right now – any more seasoned spinners know?) Eventually, I got impatient and threw the tiny pieces of fiber (as you can imagine – falling ever so lightly to the ground, like a feather) and handed the drop spindle to Grandma.


Grandma spinning yarn

She spun the yarn, and thinned out the fiber for me for a while. Obviously more patient that I am while I talked to the accepted students and their parents.

But eventually, Grandma too got frustrated before putting the drop spindle down for the day.


Grandma spinning and becoming frustrated

While Grandma did that, I picked up some bulky yarn and began finger knitting. I dropped stitches left and right not paying attention to what I was doing while talking to accepted students and talking to Grandma.

To calm Grandma down, I gave her the chain so she could finger knit. But I’m pretty sure the chain was frogged in the end. RIP chain that we knitted while sitting at accepted students day activity fair!

To end the one hour raging event, we did get a lot of interest in our club of people who both knew how to knit, crochet or both! Some even knowing how to felt, eager to dye yarn and spin with us, and of course – the newbies who want to test their patience in the world of yarn. It was exciting and hopeful for next year for both Grandma and I. We even had a girl as where she could sign up for the club right then!

– Kitty


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