Baby Hats and Scarf WIP

Hello stitchers!

I hope everyone is doing well today! Since I was too busy to knit this weekend, Helena and Grandma have been working on some projects so I’d like to show off their work in progresses (and as for Helena – her finished projects).

I really enjoy giving back to the community and it’s always a great joy when I find ways that I can and the time to do so. I try to make room for service in my schedule and have been volunteering at a variety of places since middle school. Since I became the president of the knitting/crocheting club at my school, I have been moving the club in the service direction too. Each fundraiser now that we have has at least 20% of our profit going towards some kind of charity or we just donate knitted items to charities and places in need. The hospital in the local community asks for knitted baby hats. It’s a special, handmade gift that keeps the newborns and infants heads warm while in the hospital and the parents truly appreciate it. I have only made one baby hat so far (the fluffy one at the top) but the rest (as in all of the hats with the pom-poms attached) have been made by Helena. All of these hats are to be donated to the local hospital here by next semester.


baby hats in a variety of colors, sizes, and yarn! (credit given to Helena and Kitty)

Meanwhile, Grandma has been putting this scarf off for a while (she doesn’t like longer projects) but this scarf looks great! She’s still working on it slowly but surely. She is knitting on straight needles and implementing the herringbone stitch.


Wrong Side: Herringbone Stitch Scarf (credit given to Grandma)


Right Side: Herringbone Stitch (credit given to Grandma)

I apologize for the blurriness in the one picture of the right side of the scarf above. I need to practice my photography skills is pretty obvious.



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