The Funky Collection

A special treat for you stitchers today! We’re showing off Helena’s very brightly, unique, and wonderful collection of the few things she has knitted. She calls this one her Funky Collection

Before I get into explaining her collection of these 3 items you see above, I’d like to say how proud I am of Helena and I think Grandma would agree. Helena just learned to knit this past year in August and hasn’t stopped knitting since! She has created several blankets/throws, scarves, and a number of hats. Helena is probably one of the more patient knitters I know who can easily crank out a blanket in 2 days without getting bored or tired of the project – as long as she has something to do with her hands she is happy. That being said, she’s not a fan of shorter projects like hats. But with Grandma helping her get started and both of us encouraging her success and her own motivation and desire to continue to learn new stitches and patterns, Helena is a wonderful knitter and I am dedicating this blog post to her.

The Funky Collection consists of a twin-sized blanket, a multi-colored hat, and a very interesting scarf.

It began with a blanket. Helena is known to knit and knit until she has barely any yarn left to work with. When she put the bright green fringes on the ends, she announced to me that this was going to be the first item in her Funky Collection. Even though I liked it without the red stripes before (mostly because it kept me warm while watching movies) she decided to add the red stripes onto the one side. It still is awesome and very warm and she is very proud of it. Although, it took her longer than she anticipated which made her a little annoyed at the project (mostly the stripes).


Helena’s Funky Blanket

Next up, Helena created this very unique looking scarf. She bought this weird looking white yarn that had a German tag on it and had no idea what to do with it. She ripped out a few projects before finally figuring out what to do with it. The joke was that we called this yarn the tampon yarn because of what it looked like. But in the end, the scarf came out fairly well and Helena was so happy to be done with that yarn.


Kitty modeling Helena’s Funky Scarf

Lastly, Helena finished off her collection by quickly (and when I say quickly I mean she probably finished this also in a matter of hours) this cool multi-colored hat. Keeping up with the incredibly bright color scheme, she knitted a hat using purple, lime green, and a bright sunshine yellow. And it wouldn’t be a hat Helena made if it didn’t have a pom-pom on top. Personally, those types of hats remind me of hats that our friend Murray wears every single day in the winter. Hmm… that reminds me, Grandma we still need to make him a new hat to replace that one! Speaking of Grandma, she has volunteered to model off this adorable hat – although it is a little too bright for her.


Grandma wearing Helena’s Funky Hat

And that’s the Funky Collection! Hope you all enjoyed!


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