Cat vs. Yarn

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Hi everyone!

I apologize for how quiet it has been on here lately. I thought that once finals ended I’d be able to post something much more interesting than this on here. But sadly, I am posting this. A very frustrating post of how I just don’t know what to knit next. I have all of this yarn! A collection of multi-colored yarn (and by the way, I’m not a fan of multicolored yarn. I much prefer it solid color) with scraps yarn of solid yarn that are barely enough to add to my scrap yarn blanket WIP.

I have started so many projects this week while I’m still here at school for band stuff, that I have had enough time to rip them all out pretty much and then start each over again and again. Like a seed stitch scarf. (My seed stitch is not nearly as good as Helena’s) Or a crochet bracelet. Or a crochet flower that I just gave up on the idea entirely on that. So I sit here staring at my bag of yarn and crochet hooks and knitting needles saying, “Ughh! I have nothing to do!!” I need some inspiration is an understatement. If you have any ideas, please do leave a comment.

Cat vs. Yarn



  1. Gabrielle Longreen · May 5, 2016

    You could do your spinning, or I can give you the beginnings of my hat pattern to try

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    • grandmakitty · May 5, 2016

      I should spin but still currently frustrated with it. Well, maybe I should give it more of a chance. Lol. Which hat are you referring to?


      • Gabrielle Longreen · May 5, 2016

        Sorry took a while. I am actually attempting to make a pattern! I had this really chunky yarn so I decided to make a hat! The pattern is still being worked on a bit, but it has cool twists!


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