Summer Knitting – had me a blast

Oh summer knitting – when the thermometer reads 80 something degrees and you’re sitting there in the sunshine with a bag of yarn and some needles, feeling not so motivated to finish that blanket.

I have been so unmotivated to pick up my needles, yet I keep them in my backpack everywhere I go just in case creativity strikes. Yet so far, the only thing I have really been able to finish this summer is this one granny square with the help of Grandma when she visited me:


Kitty’s Granny Square

Meanwhile, Grandma is taking on the challenge of knitting 99 of these squares. Good luck Grandma!

Helena has once again, been putting me and Grandma to shame with how much knitting she has been doing. She already has finished this beautiful brown striped blanket she started at the end of the semester, along with a two amazing looking scarves and starting on another new project! I envy the time she has to knit, yet at the same time, my wrist needs a break. Only 21 and already I have to worry about getting carpal tunnel from typing and knitting too much.

Helena’s blanket


Helena’s scarf


A scarf work in progress


Almost ready to bind off

Meanwhile, Grandma and I spent a weekend at the shore celebrating our summer breaks!


Grandma Kitty adventures are always the best! Of course, they’re better when our other friends come and join too.

Oh the summer knitting – yet the summer is going by so fast! Happy stitching from Grandma and Kitty here!