Who is Grandma Kitty?

Do not let the name be misleading, we are not old. My name is Kitty and my friend’s name is Alison and we are not grandmothers nor are we old. We also would like to give a shout to all of our friends and thank them for their support in helping Grandma Kitty’s become a thing. Our number one fan is Helena, Grandma’s roommate. We love you Helena! But of course, there’s also Twinkie, Potato, Bryan, Ngyuen, Murray, Josh, Ball of Sunshine, and Mattie.

What is Grandma Kitty?

Our goal is to eventually open our own craft store and this website is our first step. It’s a small step but still it’s a step in the right direction. We’re both knitters, crocheters, and craft lovers. Right now the purpose of Grandma Kitty is to promote crafting and inspire others by sharing our ideas. We hope you enjoy this website of ours.

Why Grandma Kitty?

Alison’s nickname is “Grandma” because she acts like a grandma to all of her friends. But like I said before, neither one of us is a grandmother nor old. So we decided to combine our names and ta-da, we came up with Grandma Kitty.